Hello there! My name is Tasha, I'm 22 years old and live in the Scottish coastal town of St Andrews where I've just finished my penultimate year studying Classics; this means I spend a great deal of my time declining and conjugating words belonging to languages nobody speaks any more and learning about men whose facial hair would make the hippest of hipsters jealous and whose dining habits would make Henry VIII wince and clutch his belly.

Besides reading Latin and Greek texts that are literally thousands of years old, I also spend a great deal of time browsing the digital aisles of Boots and Topshop and inventing reasons to buy yet another red lipstick or pair of ridiculous heels. I've recently decided to channel these material desires into this blog and my Etsy shop, where I sell fashion illustrations and custom portraits.

The aim of my blog is to document my personal sartorial wish lists and ideas for living beautifully and stylishly whilst surviving on the unfortunate budget of an honours student; in an ideal world my little blog could provide inspiration for you, too!

Please leave me a comment if you like what you see (or if you don't, too!) and want to discuss anything that I've written about. You could also drop me an email, send me a tweet, or follow me on Pinterest.

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